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Art Musings: The time traveling Envelope

If I had a magic envelope that could hold a letter to anyone at anytime, past, present or future, where and when would I send it?

Would I go and make a bold move and perhaps change history? Or maybe go a bit more into my own past and prevent years of addiction and hard times…

While trying to change the past is tempting, I would have to let the chips fall where they may.

Snippet of a painting by cassondra eastham

It is not my place to change or take back the lessons from the past. I would not trade my rock bottom with addiction for anything. While it was painful at the time, it taught me so much. I would not be the version I am now without it.

Instead, I would simply send the letter to my kids for a point in the future when they need a little encouragement. I would tell them how special they are, that they matter and are needed in this world. And of course I would tell them I love them. No changes needed.

Life is perfect in its own messy way.

The time traveling envelope, an art musing by cassondra eastham

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