soulmate painting class by Cassondra Eastham
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Why you should Paint with your Soulmate

Relationships are a one-of-a-kind adventure.  They can go from bliss to love to rage in a matter of days.  By adding creativity to your arsenal of experiences, you can create a deeper understanding and bond with your significant other.

What is a Paint Date?

Paint dates are a combination of creativity, fun, skill and bonding.  By going on a “paint date” both you and your significant other can explore your deeper feelings, and paint a life together that you love! Art is an amazing tool for healing and creating a bond.

What can you gain by creating together? Why you should Paint with your Soulmate

By going through the art experience together, you are both invested in the process of listening to your and each other’s deeper inner voice.  Not only is painting together a fun way to spend your time, it is also a way to get to know each other better by paying attention to what surfaces on the canvas.

Whether intentional or by happy accident, creating with your significant other gives you access to the soulmate level, a place where you can communicate with thought, image and sense. It is a sacred place to be experienced together.

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Where to experience a Paint Date

There are many places where you can go out on the town for a night of panting.  Check your area for paint and sip experiences.  There are also online options if you feel like staying in.

How to have a paint date at home

Painting at home with your significant other is a great way to increase intimacy and love in your relationship. For a fun night in, order your favorite food, rinks and get your favorite music ready.

Here is a fun paint date designed by me and my husband Arthur. You can go on this date anytime, over and over again.  It is a series of prerecorded videos that can be stopped, rewound and fast-forwarded as you please. Go on as many paint dates as you can, as something new will always arise!

This class is designed to open communication, increase your bond and provide a way to have a creative night in!

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