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Artists Log: The Crystal Rose

As a painting is created, many layers, thoughts and intentions go into the process. This is a record of the energy below the surface of such “said painting”.

Warning: This might not make sense in linear thinking. It is just a record of the happenings in real time during the creation process.

You are in the matrix….

The beginning painting process
Painting beginning. September 2022

The code that holds you in place

A closeup of an intuitive number ( the Schumann resonance)
Shuman resonance code 10.8492

Art In Progress: A Channeled Writing

Something has been happening that we have forgotten. A code. A piece to the puzzle. The key to the door that we must open before we are lost in this cave forever

Remember remember remember

The pieces to the puzzle are buried in each one of us. We need to come together to put this all together but first we must dig them all out

Go below. you do know. Go below. You do know.

It is right there in the muddy cove buried in the muck; a small gleam shimmers once in a while but you must be looking to see it.

Keep your eyes open. Do not fear. We are here.

To open the treasure just put in the code, find the generator and power it on.

You are the battery (but not in the way you think)

Place your intentions in the glass. Your energy will turn it on. You are the key and when enough of you awaken we will all bring the truth to light

The veil is lifting and it is not too late. Look within.

an artist log of the work in progress painting of the rose energing
The Crystal Rose by Cassondra Eastham (work in progress)
A rose on a shell, a vase or a skull, encased in something
An eye
Turned to form a vase
A vase
Turned to form a cow skull
A skull

The matrix has created creatures. An upside down and scraggly root to entangle it all

Weaving it all together into one piece of art
Part of the web that holds us together

Like the stairs that float midair, reality is entangled in light dark with orientation being not of consequence.

We are all falling holding on to a root, living in a design that is created by a mind that is only half of who we are

The shell, a rose and a fairy all trapped in a falling reality that may or may not be “real”

Would it be weird if I interlink it all with rainbows?

Isn’t it weird already?

Technicolor added to the piece of art

The colors that make light —Technicolor

The opposite of what you think is true

A crows eye and beak
Do you see the Giant crows face?

Some one broke off the connection

Like a wire it was cut separating me from everything everyone

I am not the only one

We can mend the wire with energy

Remember the all the love we are love and we are everything

A dream within a dream

The finished piece of art in need of a new name:

The finished painting is a woman with wings trapped in a vase guarded by snakes and a blue woman

Prints and original will be available soon! Be sure to subscribe and check out these paintings that painted themselves for more crazy art shenanigans!

The crystal rose: an art painting process by cassondra eastham

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