Artist Log #2: Pyramid Power

Painting Intention:

Calling in my own voice, my uniqueness my own purpose.

A Compass to orientate; Written desire

Adding Passion to the Paint

  • Beauty
  • Crystals
  • Nature
  • Love
  • Art
  • Magic
  • Rituals
  • Energy
  • Self improvement
  • Metaphysic
  • Reality
  • Abstract
  • Adventure
  • Healing
  • Animals

Spirals represent all the places and things that need to be healed

  • Past lives
  • Current life
  • Ancestors
  • Subconscious
  • Other realms
  • Things that I am yet to know
  • Places of the future

How do I heal what I don’t yet know

How do I get where I want to go?????

A door to a date with a guide

Paint the path without any pride

Cassondra Eastham

The crack in consciousness allowing the inner out so guidance can come through

Adding more openings allowing for a second and third opinion.

Bubbles to make the information tangible and 3d

Toroidal field

A textured moon, and added Pyramid for power to being out the highest self

The finished piece:

Original is available and prints will be added to the shop soon. DM to purchase.

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