Never Alone horse painting by Cassondra Eastham

The Pandemic’s Effect on an Artist

The Pandemic of 2020 has been easy on no one. How is an artist suppose to focus on creating when there is so much at stake in the world?

My answer to that question is how is an artist not supposed to create?

It is in an artist’s blood to create. When something unknown, like the Corona virus pops up, art can be a way to heal and understand what is happening.

Art Healed the Artist in the Pandemic

While going through quarantine, I created more art than I had in years. With the birth of kids and a crazy busy life, I let art slide.

Practicing art in this time of uncertainy has given me hope and a positive outlook when that is hard to find.

Although I painted in many mediums and painted many things, I found a new voice in intentional creativity.

You can Heal and Meditate Through Art

As I painted, I let the images come to me. I let my emotions blend into the paint. I tapped and drummed my canvas and I trapped my emotions with each stroke.

I started a series of paintings where I let the paint take on it’s own form. Some crazy images took shape. Some of which I am still decoding.

I learned more things and felt more with art than I have in a long time.

I learned that we are all connected and we need to listen. We need to slow down and we need to feel our emotions and listen to the wisdom that they bring!

Use Art to Heal

If you have any interest in using art to heal or to wake up. Check out this Free Painting Class that was created to ring in the New Year along with provide a vision quest like experience to heal.

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