Quarantine art by Cassondra Eastham

Let the Paintings Paint Themselves: Art Series by Cassondra Eastham

The 2020 quarantine was a time filled with uncertanty. During this time, Art became a tool to teach and speak truth when nothing else would.

This series of paintings was painted by first laying down streaks of color on the canvas. Next, much like looking at clouds in the sky, images took form.

Here are the six painting that emerged when I let the painting paint itself.

The Warrior

Warrior painting by Cassondra Eastham, artist

We are warriors.⠀

With the help and support of our tribe, we can conquer this crazy world. ⠀

This painting was painted with the intention of healing toxicity. There are so many unknowns right now in the world, sometimes it all seeps in. ⠀

Perhaps a simple silver arrow can give us a glimpse of truth or a flash of inner knowing…⠀

The Phoenix and The Angel

The Phoenix and the Angel painting by Cassondra Eastham Artist

This one took the form of an angel reaching down to help. There are also bars locking people in place. What I think is a frog wearing a mask in the top corner and the phoenix in the bottom.

The Phoenix is giving us another chance, while the angel is fighting to keep us safe in these crazy times. ⠀

What do you see in there?

The Journey

The Journey, a painting by artist Cassondra Eastham

Releasing self limits. Twisting mountains with so many paths to take. People following in line, as bars come down from the sky. Hide the child. A watchful observer.

The Egyptian Clan

Egyptian Painting by Cassondra Eastham


Portholes, funhouse mirrors, a sun below the shadow. Constellation’s in the corners, galaxies and stardust. Scales, wings and hair. A gate hidden leading away from the mirrors.

"Truth" painting by Cassondra Eastham


Wild and blocked by water. Can’t breathe. Walking to the light.

Wild a painting by artist, Cassondra Eastham

Lift the Veil

Up in Flames painting by Cassondra Eastham, artist

Creating an awakening for all living beings. Let’s lift the veil.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights painting by Cassondra Eastham

The journey continues with this traveler and his companion. This takes a second to see, but once you see it, it can not be undone.

The Best is Yet to Come!

I hope you enjoyed this painting series. I sure had fun painting with an empty mind and seeing what thoughts sowed up!

I love how images just popped into my head and I could paint them into place! What meanings do you find in them? I am still deciphering some things, so let me know in the comments!

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