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How to use Painting to Improve your Life

Painting has a reputation being something that artists do to express themselves. Everyday people do not think of it as a regular part of daily living. What if I were to tall you that anyone can paint, and when they do, painting can improve your life!

The truth is that everyone is creative and there is a deep fountain of knowledge locked within you that painting and creativity can bring to the surface.

While great commercial art is impressive, the art that can emerge from your own feelings and self guided journeys are some of the most beautiful things you could ever lay eyes on.

Using your canvas as a portal and the paintbrush as your magic wand, you can send your own energy directly in to the canvas, trapping it there. It will hold that energy there forever.

It really is amazing all of the things you can do with creativity.

Here are some simple rituals that you can incorporate into your art to bring about new feelings, enlightenment and healing.

Rub your Canvas with Water to let it take on your Energy

The canvas will absorb your intentions and thoights as well as your energetic essence.

Write your Intentions on the Canvas before you Paint

"connection and love between souls" written under the paint

I love either writing something I want to work on or manifest on the bottoms layers of my paintings. It is always fun to go back and look at old pictures and dates of my thought processes. This painting was when the pandemic first began and underneath the paint as the words healing

Use Different Colors for Different Elements

Use blue for water and allow the color to flow from you. Tune into the energy of fire and trap that energy and emotion on your painting.

Use Symbols that Represent Something to you

Anything meaningful that comes to mind can be added to your image. Whether it is a constellation an animal, a trinket, adding your own meaningful imagery will add to its power.

Image of a yellow butterfly used as a meaningful symbol

Paint Dots that each hold inside one Thought or Prayer

One little dot can heal one person, one area, one thing. The tedium of painting dots is like a meditation where you can do as your energy on what needs healed.

Infuse your Paint with Oils, Nature and the Elements

Smells and natural elements do wonders in adding to your emotional well being and state of mind. Add these to your painting and set your intentions and focus.

Use Movement and Dance as you Paint

Moving brings more energy to you. Use this energy to gain insight into what you are trying to accomplish. Dance as you paint, get on the floor and beat your canvas like a drum.

Keep a Journal of your Inner Thoughts

Keeping a journal of your thought process will help you in remembering where you were coming from and what you were thinking. It is also so much fun to go back and time and read inner words of wisdom that you have since forgotten

Let go of Control

Just paint. Don’t control or try to make something. This will bring rise to new ideas and seeing things in new ways

How to use Painting to Improve your Life: Use your Painting as an Oracle

Underpainting of a painting used as an oracle by Cassondra Eastham

Paint some lines and blobs and step back. Look to see if you see an images hiding in the paint. I did this in my let the paintings paint themselves series.

If these painting steps seem intriguing or like something you would be interested in, check out our Monsters Mirrors and Magnificence 3 part painting class. There are a few free classes available for watching as well.

Have you ever experienced a shift in reality after allowing yourself to be creative? I would love to know about it. Leave a comment or join our Facebook group to join the conversation!

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