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Rituals to Use During Art Creation for Better Art

Creativity is a challenging but rewarding process. It requires the ability to think outside of the box, explore new ideas and stay focused on your end goal. Creativity is something that you cannot force. It comes when it’s ready, not when you are. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it easier for our creative side to surface.

Creative people are known for their willingness to experiment with new things and see the world from a different perspective. They understand that in order to generate great ideas, one must first eliminate bad ones. By streamlining the creative process, anyone can gain access to their hidden potential. In this blog post, we are going to discuss various rituals used by creatives across the globe as their secret creativity booster.

Morning Walk: A Creative Ritual

When we start the day with a clear mind and without the burden of thoughts, it’s easier to focus on our goals. Even if we don’t have much time for exercise, a short walk outside can be a great start to the day. People who have tried incorporating this ritual into their daily routine report feeling more focused, creative and motivated. The morning walk has also been shown to help fight off depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. The fresh air and vitamin D from the sun may be to thank for these mood-boosting benefits. When we spend too much time inside surrounded by artificial light, it can negatively affect our circadian rhythm. Studies have shown that by walking outside for just 20 minutes, you can reset your circadian rhythm, and the positive effects last throughout the day.

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Music and Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the creation of visual art as a therapeutic tool to help people explore their feelings and thoughts. Creatives often use this technique to access their creative side and create things that they normally wouldn’t. Music therapy is the use of music in order to promote health and healing. Studies have shown that music therapy can positively affect a person’s mood, reduce anxiety and create a state of relaxation. Combining both art therapy and music therapy can help you access your creative side and explore your emotions in a new way. Here are various art classes that help to boost your creative process.

Creative Environment

Studies show that the way we decorate and organize our surroundings can have an effect on our mental state and overall well-being. Creative people understand the importance of having a well-equipped workspace and a beautiful environment that inspires them. We’ve all seen the inspiring office spaces of famous creatives and wondered how we can have the same creative benefits at home.

If you’re having a hard time getting in the creative flow, try reorganizing your working space and surrounding yourself with things that inspire you. Fresh flowers, a beautiful painting or a stack of vintage books can help you find your creative flow when you may otherwise not be able to.

Adding sage, high vibration music and candies can also do wonders for your space and well being.

Writing a to-do list

If you’re a creative, chances are that you have a lot of tasks to juggle on a daily basis. From brainstorming new ideas, to creating visuals and attending meetings, a creative can spend their day running in 20 different directions. A to-do list is one of the most effective ways to stay on track and prioritize your daily tasks. It can be very difficult to come up with new ideas when your mind is focused on the task at hand. However, the act of writing down those ideas and putting them on the to-do list can open the floodgates and help you generate more ideas than you can ever imagine.

Writing down your goals and dreams can help you focus on what’s important and prevent you from getting distracted by unimportant tasks. Studies have shown that writing down your goals and reviewing them on a regular basis can significantly increase your chances of achieving them.

Yoga and Meditation an Eye Opening Art Ritual

When we meditate, we are essentially clearing our minds of all thoughts and focusing on our breathing. This simple practice can help us get rid of our stress and negative emotions by allowing us to calm down. When we meditate, our brains release a hormone called GABA that reduces blood pressure and calms us down. While stress is normal and can help us get things done and be productive, too much of it can become toxic and have a negative impact on our health.

To benefit from the calming and relaxing effects of meditation, you can do it for as little as five minutes a day.

Weekly Rituals

Creating a ritual is a great way to establish positive habits that help you achieve your goals and stay productive. Whether you are trying to get more creative or simply get more sleep, rituals are a great way to make your life easier. If you’re having trouble coming up with creative ideas, try setting aside some time every week to do something that inspires your creative side. Whether it’s taking a walk in nature or painting in the studio, there are endless activities that can help you find your creative flow.

Artist Rituals for Creativity: Conclusion

Creativity is something that can be cultivated and refined. Even if you’re not a naturally creative person, there are ways to boost your creativity levels through various rituals. This can include going for a walk, putting on certain music, creating a more creative environment, writing a to-do list, doing yoga, and much more. By incorporating these rituals into daily life, you can increase your creativity levels.

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